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Snow-diction - The Season of seasons!

Only a little over three weeks ago I found myself champing at the bit with anxiety thinking that we were never going to get enough snow for the resorts to open!
This was on the Sunday, and miraculously like a prayer was answered from God, the heavens opened at IT DUMPED!
With news all over the country “Snowmageddon” was well and truly upon us. In a matter of days we went from grass to absolutely gorgeous powder conditions with a base of 80cms.

The first weekend rolled in and since then it has been like clockwork, snowing Tuesday-Thursday with a general powder day on Thursday followed by a Bluebird day and then a relatively clear weekend to board!
For those of you who know me, you would understand my absolute passion and addiction to the white powder. Once I am in snow swing, there’s NO coming back. 

This year I have already been to Mount Hotham and Falls Creek both twice. With the return to Falls Creek over the weekend coming.

As my journey continues I will start to update in here more regularly. But in the mean time, here are some phots taken from the weekend!

We had not one, or two BUT THREE – PERFECT Bluebird days. With hoodie temps and snow flurries. This made for easy boarding in blissful conditions.

The crew changed as the days went on but the fun only increased.


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Have all these pretty things, hoping for the joy they bring

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The wonderful ways of Coconut Oil

The magical all round wonder! Years ago had you suggested to someone that they should add coconut oil into their diet to improve their health and wellbeing, it’s highly likely they would have looked at you funny! Although fairly new in the Western idea, coconut oil has been used for centuries for such a vast range of things: cooking, skin healing, internal healing, hormone imbalances, deodorant and the list goes on into the 100s! Not all fats are the same! Coconut oil may be considered fatty but it’s the type of fat (Essential fatty acid) that every single cell in your body relies upon to function. From memory creating cells in your brain, right down to acne preventing properties internally and externally. Again, being a fat, it does not (when used in moderation) cause you the weight-gain grief that most oils historically have. ACTUALLY, it is said that 2 teaspoons of coconut oil per day actually helps your body to break down stomach fat, which actually helps you to get that flat stomach/six pack! Along with metabolism boosting qualities, coconut oil aides digestion, decreases hunger and also kills bacteria in the stomach and the mouth, as well as on the skin! Is there anything this little beauty can’t be used for? Not really. Skin a bit dry, yet sensitive and acne prone? Cleanse and then nourish your combination skin with a dab of coconut oil! All you need is one good quality cold pressed jar of coconut oil and the list of tricks you can use it for are endless! Do yourself a huge favour and grab some, for a complete list of 101 things to use coconut oil for see here: Hungry, stressed, confused or lacking focus? Grab yourself a spoon and take a good dip into your jar!

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CrailTap/GIRL Skateboards “Pretty Sweet” movie premmie

Bianca & Stella DSC_0395 DSC_0415  DSC_0518 DSC_0526 DSC_0541 DSC_0547 _JN4SeQZRsO-hblF3TNq8K_9UvxFbN9q7E8ZG8Mc5C0 2lAfPlRSsg2-yhv8fDz-tB-Hq2dWyOmZ-OTfudxEFok

In Feburary of 2013 the Girl/Chocolate – Crailtap clan cam out to Australia to launch the premier of their many years of skateboard creativity and work.

With the release of PRETTY SWEET.

Estelle hadn’t been long out of the house and made the trip down to the put in Melbourne to meet up with her very good old friend Brandon Biebel.

Skateboard premmies are always a similar crowd. Mixes of super grungy skate groms and the freshy street skaters.
This afternoon was no exception. The cinema was pack out to the numbers – sold out for more than 3 viewings. Definitely were some disgruntled park rats who couldn’t get in to see the flick because of the sheer numbers!
Estelle was lucky enough to catch the prime viewing. RedBull had supplied their Red and Blue energy drinks and the beers were flowing!

It’s safe to say that Guy Mariano deserved his position as Skater Of The Year – his part was insane. Not to mention some hella good efforts from all involved. But should out to my boys Sean Malto, Mike Mo, Justin Eldridge, and the Bieebs.

Melbourne was not where the party started or ENDED. The team moved on to Sydney where we had the most ridiculous time out in Bondi and running a muck in the streets of THE CROSS.

A week together was spent with the team and it’s something we will all remember – what a riot of a time.

CrailTap/GIRL Skateboards “Pretty Sweet” movie premmie was originally published on STELLVADORE

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Tahan Lew’s 25th Victoria Secret birthday bash!

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.35.23 PMOn Saturday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the gorgeous Tahan’s 25th Birthday bash!
Everything about the night was glitzy, from the guestlist, cupcakes and the party gift bags!
It was a Big Brother allstars overload. With the main atendees being from BB13 the lovely Ryan Buckingham and I were there to work it for the old school BB12 collective.

There was another housemate in attendance whom I wont even grace naming.
It’s not the usual thing for me to dress up and get my “dolly” on. However Tahan’s excitement and encouragement to dress up
rubbed off on me and I ended up going all out, being fortunate enough to have a costume lent to me.I went as a “black angel”
The wings in themselves were a master piece and something that took a lot of mastering to MASTER.
I had to walk sideways and found that I had a blind spot, like when driving a car directly over my shoulder.
Very funny to watch I am sure….
Every single detail was catered for, all alcohol was free thanks to a combined effort of the sponsor Bottle-O and Tahan’s crew.
Josh Gibson’s brand of Coco-Vodka was my drink of choice for the night, if you know me at all you will understand my love and borderline addiction to coconut anything! I am coco-NUTS! Haha couldn’t resist!
I am not a big drinker but it is safe to assume that everyone had a very merry night. It’s probably the only time it is going to be considered acceptable to walk around in less than my underwear and be told I am “well dressed”.
Few cute snaps from the night made it to the Confidential of the paper – Am I famous yet? Hahaha
Only Tahan would get away with having a Victoria’s Secret inspired party and get away with it…SUCH A BABE I MEAN WHAT!!!
Check out the amazing bits we got in our gift bags, she must have had ESP and known with the fading of my tann so is my ego!
Another glam night wrapped up with all of us on the couch for a Sunday session….. Wouldn’t be complete without some Tim Tams and potato chips on the couch.

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 9.38.31 PM

Tahan Lew’s 25th Victoria Secret birthday bash! was originally published on STELLVADORE

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Don’t skip meals, just skip!

On the daily I get people asking about cardio Vs strength, what foods to eat and how to smash those workouts!
There’s a simple and easy way to shred the kilos and not have to take hours out of your busy week.
Everyone is looking for the quick fix or researching the new fad diet to help in the desperate battle to look thinner or fitter!
Today’s environment with work, study and life in general is just hectic and it is easy to see how obesity is so high.

Here’s a few easy tips to help you along the way:

  1. Eat MORE – Yes I said it, this doesn’t mean extra calories that are empty!
    Get yourself some good quality nutrient dense foods. With your main focus being on high protein.
    And eat every hour or so with the aim of 65% diet being protein based.
    - It’s proven and by my own experience that the more you eat, the more you burn, the more you lose!
  2. Track your calories – I am not saying get out a calc and study every single morsel you stick in your face.
    It’s so easy with MY FITNESS PAL – set your weight, desired weight and nutritional needs.
    You can scan in your foods which is cool and keep an eye on what you are munching on..
  3. Just skip- The biggest and probably forgotten high intensity workout is one of my favourite of all.
    Pretend you are 7 again and start jumping rope! At first you might be terrible but with practise it gets REALLY fun.
    10 minutes of skipping burns more calories than running etc.
    If you are starting out it’s great to skip, have a rest bring your heart rate down and then smash it again to drop
    the fat with interval training.
  4. Ditch the scales- At least for the beginning, I find everytime I weigh myself and find I have put on weight I then feel depressed and binge!
    The truth is scales lie and you will be losing inches while putting on muscle weight… Stay away for the first month at least.. Your body will change & the figures are not a reflection of your hard work….Use a pair of jeans that you know the fit of to measure your progress.

Don’t skip meals, just skip! was originally published on STELLVADORE

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