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People are shit at grocery shopping and so am I.

My posts of late will probably make you think I am not still living in my la la positive unicorn land… Well nooooooooooope you’re wrong!
I feel as happy and driven as ever but have found myself to be more an observer than ever. (The irony given alot of you watched me for 3 months).

The simple art that is grocery shopping my goodness did I learn a bunch (not including the grapes hahaha)….
At the moment I have an arm in a sling so carry my basket and grab my food with the same right arm  - Wow I know right?! Joking.

But seriously, I spent an hour wandering isle to isle without any real idea other than the fact I went in there to get all things coconuts… Water, fresh and shredded.. Do you think I came out with that? Well no I only managed the water and the shredded coconut, which I may add was hidden under one of those massive to the roof Woolie trollies that carry shit and it was completely blocking it, my scuffle to get to it was a laugh in itself… ANYWAY

People scurry through the supermarket and basically I sit there judging them… Sounds so shallow but FOOD is a massive player in my life, as I am sure it is yours… I am one to indulge however, it is important to always eat for nutrition first with most meals.
You can judge a type of person based on their shopping kart!

If I ever have children they are going to HATE me for the stupid un-cool healthy lunches I send them to school with. Thanks Mum for making Vegemite and lettuce and not allowing me ANY sweets - argh!

But I watch these young Mum’s who either have none of the following:a clue, a dollar or a fuck…. Which one you can choose?

They fill their baskets with junk, junk and more junk. Not only is this completely unhealthy for their growing child’s needs but all the damn packaging is SO irresponsible and unsustainable for the Enviro.. (hippie hello). 

There’s a few types of shoppers:

The I Think I am Healthy - their kart consisting of:
Iceberg lettuce, a carrot, light yoghurt (don’t forget the 100g of sugar making up for the lack of fat), light 1% milk (You know full cream is only 2% fat right? Haven’t you seen the ads?),
Special K - cause duh, you lose weight eating that in TINY portions for ants, Light and easy dinners and of course everything else weight watchers - Not bothering to look at the absolute lack of nutrition in anything above as well as the only way you will lose weight is because of the tiny teeny portions sizes - I mean READ A DAMN BOOK AND LEARN!
-They have attended a couple of gym sessions and read a Michelle Bridges book once so must know what is up!

Look at me I am saaaaa Organic :
Well you guessed it! “OMG everything is organic like duh”…. 
the shopper who spends triple on the goods that don’t even really matter if they are organic! OR half of their kart is organic and the rest is bread and honey/sugar but because it’s “natural” OMG I am going to be SOOO skinny…
meeeeeeeeeehp - Wrong! Just because it is "natural" does not mean it will stop you from getting fat! Chances are you are still eating too much!

These guys will proceed to cook things and over post them on #instagram as well as take #ProgressShotSelfies ( I do it!).
As well as finding their recipes on #Pintrest or something like dahealthyhippie.com ,

And then my favourite who I already mentioned the 

The irresponsible and idiotic white bread, white flour, sugar monger maniac! May sound like I am being a little harsh. But they are the same people complaing each day how tired they are and how unwell they always feel and that their moods are so up and down WELL HELLO LOOK AT THE SUGAR ADDICTION YOU HAVE CREATED!
You wouldn’t know what water was if it was poured won your damn throat.. 
People like this fill their kart with plastic, plastic and more packaging of chips, chocolate, white break etc…. Again - in moderation MOST things are OK WHITE FLOUR AND SUGAR IS NOT.Particularly as your main ingredients.
These same people are generally found buying the trashy mags in the isle by the cash register - You know the ones all us cool #BigBrother people were in..

In closing - we are all idiots and I went to the supermarket and came out with nothing I really wanted, however the eggplant was yum and I spent too much money on soy milk (cause it’s saaaa much better) that is probably going to make me fat! 


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Pretty In Diamonds.

You look at her perfectly manicured nails on those long slender fingers which lead into some of the most beautiful diamonds you have ever seen. Set in rose gold with just the right amount of bling.

Her carefully pulled back blonde pony tail oozes hours of effort and work to maintain.
 Dewy flawless skin, soft and delicious - You’re sure she wears only Chanel & YSL makeup with countless strokes of precision.
The application makes her look like she’s naturally so beautiful and wouldn’t need makeup. Her lips perfectly pink and her eyelashes long, luscious and statement.

She’s the most feminine set of class you’ve laid eyes on. Dressed in elegant black from head to toe, her physic looks that of a Vogue model.
Perfectly constructed waist, with lady yet flattering hips.
Legs that seem to go on for days and all finished with 

the perfect set of  elegant heels.

Draped around her slim wrists you see a single string of pearls. So perfect you know they would be worth a small mortgage.
The more you stare at this woman, the more insecure yet intrigued you begin to feel.

Internally you wonder if you could ever look or feel as good as she must?
What does she do? How is she so perfect?
The world is her oyster?

Or is it really?

Little do we know the internal dialogue that this women has too.
She’s seen you sitting there in your boyish jeans, sneakers, dishevelled hair - She looks at you and thinks “How care free that girl must be?

No doubt she is so at peace with herself?

So confident and centred with her life?

I wonder what that really would be like?”

You both meet at a gaze and marvel at each others differences. You’re feeling rather self conscious given her radiant beauty.

Little have you realised. This same woman you are staring at is fighting a battle of her own everyday.
She wakes up at 6 am in a love-less house to a husband who
barely knows what she looks like. Her daily routine begins when she talks herself out of bed, to the hope that by the time she steps into the shower she has enough courage to continue.

As she wakes so does her consciousness. Her battle gets harder as she starts to put on her makeup to cover her tired eyes. She drank an entire bottle of red last night to herself, her husband was nowhere to be found on their anniversary and he simply shunned her for speaking when he came in, late at 1am.

Every hand stroke to put on her mascara is done with thought and wonder of if she will always feel like this inside?
Will she always be waking up to an internal battle?

Make-up and hair are done and time is getting on, it’s 7am and in order to get the subway she has to be ready by 7:35.
Just enough time to sit down for a second and enjoy the only real moments that are “hers”. Soy latte and a cigarette, the day has began.

Her heavily overworked stockbroker husband has already grunted his way out the door, she still tries to send him to work with love and compassion and a hot cup of coffee. Instead he respond and asks her “why did you use so much darn hot water? I can’t drink this now” - as he slams his cup onto the rich marble kitchen bench.  

Again, this is her time to herself. Noone is in the apartment and she has at least 10 minutes left to finally sort her handbag and be ready to leave.

Into her handbag she packs the usual items:
Chanel pink blossom lipstick, Chanel compact, pack of 20 cigarettes, ipad, work organiser, ibuprofen, pens, headphones and a slimming no carb bar just-in-case.
The minor detail left out here is that this woman once had a severe cocaine addiction.
That developed after her partner had cheated on her with a much younger woman.
They used to do coke together for fun, I mean it was NYC after all. As his addiction worsened so did hers. 
But being a man he deflected his problems into other areas, with sex, alcoholism and soon later he would beat his wife.

She thinks back and how she considers herself as “lucky” now because the physical abuse had stopped when her girlfriends confronted her about the bruises that were appearing on her arms and clavicle (he was always sure not to damage her face as that was too obvious.)
But instead of abuse now, she simple receives nothing, no affection, no love, no recognition.
In fact she might as well be completely invisible to her husband. 

On the outside they have all the money and so called “riches” anyone could ever dream of.

Yet her soul is empty and her body and mind are just in routine and set into a dangerous habit of co-existing.

The last 10 minutes of stillness she soaks up before she puts on her lipstick to pretend to the world she is powerful, she is loved and that she is alive….

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